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Specifically, a transponder key is a key that incorporates a wireless control device that transmits a unique code. For each vehicle, it is different, which has to be received by the car’s computer. It is at that moment, after detecting the signal, that the car is unlocked. Depending on the model, it can activate other systems such as power windows.

An anti-theft system that is still very reliable in the automotive sector. Despite the technological advances that professional thieves have and “learn” today.

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If you have a car manufactured since 1997, look in your pocket or purse. For sure, you have a transponder key. Here, we will give you some tips on how to maintain this type of car key properly.

It was in Germany, after the considerable increase in car theft, when cars increased their security. They start incorporating transponder keys to unlock them. A few years later, the main car manufacturers worldwide adopted these transponder keys for their models.

The classification of the transponder keys responds to the type of code you transmit. Thus, we can find:

  • Fixed code: those that always transmit the same code to the car’s computer.
  • Encrypted code: they always transmit the same code, but a program hides this code.
  • Evolutionary code: those that each time emit a different code. Also, it is currently the system used by most vehicle brands.

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