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Magnetic door locks are one of the advanced Security locks that offer protection from unauthorized access. Mostly magnetic locks or installed at commercial buildings to get quick and instant entry and exit. If you want to install these locks at your workplace or commercial building, hire Botvinnik Locksmith experts. Our magnetic door lock East Village professionals are highly qualified to offer perfect installation services.

Furthermore, our experts can also provide repair and replacement services for your door locks in East Village, NY. You can contact us for any kind of magnetic door lock East Village services.

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What Are Magnetic Door Locks? All You Need To Know

A magnetic door lock is a type of door lock that uses the force exerted on it by a keen magnet to keep unwanted intruders out. They are an effective way to secure your home or business and are easy to install.

Unlike other types of door locks, magnetic door locks do not require keys to open. Instead, they are unlocked by placing two magnets near each other. This allows you to enter the room without having to fumble for the keys. If you lose them, you don’t have to replace the entire set; just order a replacement set of magnets.

Like most types of door locks, magnetic door locks require regular maintenance to stay secure. Our electronic lock East Village experts can help you maintain a proper maintenance check for these door locks. You will need to replace the batteries in your lock’s sensor if it begins to lose its ability to detect any metal nearby. Call magnetic door lock East Village professionals. We are just a call away.

How Does A Magnetic Door Lock Work?

A magnetic door lock is an electronic locking mechanism that uses the power of magnets to secure your door. This type of door lock is installed on a doorknob or on the faceplate of a door and functions using a magnetic detector. When activated, the lock turns on and begins to attract the doorknob or faceplate. The magnetic force between the two pulls the door together, ensuring that it is locked.

When you want to exit your home, simply take your key out of the lock and turn off the magnetism. The door will release from its lock position, allowing you to open it. This type of door lock is popular among homeowners because it requires no keys to operate and is easy to maintain. If your magnetic door lock is not working smoothly, repair it by calling Botvinnik Locksmith professionals. Our electric lock East Village experts are highly affordable. Our locksmith East Village experts never charge high for our services. So, feel free to contact our magnetic door look East Village services anytime. We are also offering lock combination East Village services.

Experienced Staff For Reliable Solutions – Locksmith East Village

We should not trust the security of our locks to just anyone, despite the claims of advertising companies. This is because:

  • The quality of the locks is not that great and can be easily copied.
  • The mechanics of a lock can be figured out (with some effort, of course).
  • Locks are easy to pick (with some practice, again).
  • Deadlocks are impossible to create, so it is possible to open a door completely from the inside.
  • Lastly, it is difficult to keep the keys — stolen or not — out of sight and safe.

If you need durable and high-quality services in East Village, NY, contact us.

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